Environmental Issues Today - Scientific solutions for societal issues

Страна: Испания

Город: Barcelona

Дедлайн: 01.12.2017

Даты: 29.01.18 — 01.02.18

Е-мейл Оргкомитета: saskia.keesstra@wur.nl

Организаторы: University of Barcelona, Institute of Environmental Assessment and Water Studies IDAEA-CSIC, Wageningen University


Our Planet suffers from human activities. As scientists we know more and more about our environment, about processes, rates of change, new threats and risks. However, the challenges seem to grow quicker than the solutions we can create.
This conference aims to focus on the scientific research towards finding solutions for the societal issues of our time. TERRAENVISION promotes interdisciplinary collaboration and networking. To bring scientists and stakeholders that have the same goal, work on the same societal issue, but have different scientific backgrounds. By bringing the people and their knowledge together, we may be able to take the steps towards solutions that can bring our society to a more sustainable situation. In this conference we want to link to International policies such as the sustainable Development Goals, the UN Climate conventions, CAP and COP.

Environmental issues we would like to highlight and discuss
This conference is framed around themes, each theme is kicked off by two plenary keynote speeches of 20 min, followed by a discussion. After the plenary session a range of different parallel sessions will be organised, potential topics are listed.
For each of these topics I would like to invite you to submit a session proposal. We also want to stress that the conference is not only for scientists, but also warmly would like to invite people from outside the scientific world.
The themes

    Climate change: mitigation and adaptation
    Water Resources: quality and quantity
    Land degradation and restoration
    Erosion processes and nature based solutions
    Fire in the earth system, effects and prevention
    Ecosystem services and nature conservation
    Science interface: with policy and public

Environmental issues
Climate change

    Carbon sequestration
    Adaptation to climate change
    Climate smart Agriculture
    Forest fires
    Organic matter

Water resources

    Water pollution
    Groundwater pollution
    Reservoir siltation/pollution
    Groundwater depletion
    River restoration
    Sustainable water management
    Nature based solutions


    Urban sprawl
    Urban pollution
    Urban water management
    Urban agriculture

​Biodiversity, nature conservation and organic matter

    Land abandonment
    Biodiverse environments
    Nutrient cycles

​Sustainable land use, food security and agriculture

    Sustainable agriculture
    Climate smart agriculture
    Organic farming
    Forest fire
    Erosion by water and wind
    Soil and water conservation
    Soil pollution
    Mining and mine restoration
    Land abandonment
    Nature based solutions
​Science-policy interface

    Local policies
    Adoption of measures
    EU policies

Ecosystem services

    ​Provision of food, wood and fibre, raw materials
    Provision of support for human infrastructures and animals
    Flood mitigation
    Filtering of nutrients and contaminants
    Carbon storage and greenhouse gases regulation
    Detoxification and the recycling of wastes
    Regulation of pests and disease
    Heritage values
    Cultural identity

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