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5 soft skills we get during university studies

In the midst of the university admission campaigns, a number of articles appeared on the web calling on enrollees not to join the student flow. The main arguments of the authors of this content refer to the fact that higher education is too concentrated on needless and dead "theories", but not the things that are useful in real life.

But what I want to say in defense of high-education and the "proven scenario" for the school graduates is that studying at the university contributes to the development of some "soft skills", which employers have recently started talking about as being in high demand. What are these skills?

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Girona, Spain
Successful candidates will be hired by the university offering the position, and they are expected to cooperate with existing research groups and to develop new lines of research, complementary to those already in place.
Southampton, United Kingdom
The project will train car drivers to interact with cyclists and cyclists to interact with car drivers. This will enable both road users to understand risky behaviours and develop higher levels of awareness for the other road user.
Birmingham, United Kingdom
The aim is to explore and study in detail the flow and mixing of two-phase particle-liquid suspensions experimentally and theoretically in mechanically agitated vessels.